Friday, July 29th, 2016

Modern cabinet lovers are here

Simple, but not mysteriousWhat we’re hearing

Even here in the sultry southeastern US, people love modern design.

They like the simplicity of slab doors. They like how easy they are to clean, and they like how a modern kitchen lets the food, wine, & even the homework have the spotlight.

People tell us they’re tired of raised panel wood doors that everybody and their brother seems to have. They are done with wiping spills & dust out of all those curves.

They want something neater, but not mysterious. Refined, but not snooty. Simple, but not mundane.

Durable quality is worth it

Most of all, people tell us they love the look of IKEA, but doubt the quality. So do we.

And we still absolutely love the fabulous options that Semihandmade offers. Great, great door designs from our good friends over there.

People tell us they love European style, but not the cost. So do we.

Besh = the happy medium.

It checks all the boxes. Modern. Well engineered. Good looking. Affordable. We’re so convinced, that it’s the only cabinet line we work with! If you’re ready to check those boxes, call us. Fall is closer than you think.

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Denver Design Week or Bust

Denver Design Week

Now THIS is nicely put together all the way around. Fantastic website design, great lineup & events on the schedule & it’s All. About. Design.

I haven’t been this inspired about a design celebration since I co-founded SparkCon in Raleigh 10 years ago.

At the time I was a DesignBox member, & headed up the creativity sessions. I organized & led 4 two hour 60 person workshops to run through productive brainstorming. That was just one segment of a mosaic of events – from fashion design to music to art to local steel fabricator shop tours.

Today SparkCon has grown to include a huge menu of all things creative. And that’s great – we’re on the map. However, the creative core piece of SparkCon – for those wanting a glimpse into / a shot at – the actual creative process, has disappeared from the event. It’s all about the end product. And that’s ok too – things evolve. But to me, the spark is what starts it all – in any design endeavor. That’s what trips my trigger as a designer.

Denver Design Week has a nice cohesiveness to it. The main focus is modern design – both current and midcentury. It combines tours of finished renovation projects that include a history of why & how it ended up where it did. Even though it covers a wide variety of design: architecture, interiors, brands, art and tech, it’s wrapped in a neat package of celebration and I can’t wait!

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