Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Nix the tub

Nix The Tub

Take a gander at that one.

56% percent of us never use a tub. Combine that number with the next most frequent use (20% for 1 – 2 times use) and it’s 76%. Seventy-six percent!! That’s from a survey just published on Houzz.

I caved to the same prevalent lore spouted by real estate agents for decades: You have to have a tub! Guess how many times I’ve soaked in it since we put it in last year? ONE.

That’s not to say tubs are completely useless. They’re still great for:

  • little kids, in the presence of an adult of course
  • wet umbrella stashing
  • doing dishes while the kitchen is being remodeled
  • water storage for emergency prep (don’t laugh – it’s serious business in hurricane zones)
  • place of safety for people in tornado territory

And probably a few other totally non standard tub activities like shoe cleaning and dog washing.

So yeah. consider all that next time the bathroom’s up for a re-do. If you have more than one bathroom the money is better spent nixing the tub in one of them. If you have 1 bath, you’re probably stuck with it.

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