Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Denver Design Week or Bust

Denver Design Week

Now THIS is nicely put together all the way around. Fantastic website design, great lineup & events on the schedule & it’s All. About. Design.

I haven’t been this inspired about a design celebration since I co-founded SparkCon in Raleigh 10 years ago.

At the time I was a DesignBox member, & headed up the creativity sessions. I organized & led 4 two hour 60 person workshops to run through productive brainstorming. That was just one segment of a mosaic of events – from fashion design to music to art to local steel fabricator shop tours.

Today SparkCon has grown to include a huge menu of all things creative. And that’s great – we’re on the map. However, the creative core piece of SparkCon – for those wanting a glimpse into / a shot at – the actual creative process, has disappeared from the event. It’s all about the end product. And that’s ok too – things evolve. But to me, the spark is what starts it all – in any design endeavor. That’s what trips my trigger as a designer.

Denver Design Week has a nice cohesiveness to it. The main focus is modern design – both current and midcentury. It combines tours of finished renovation projects that include a history of why & how it ended up where it did. Even though it covers a wide variety of design: architecture, interiors, brands, art and tech, it’s wrapped in a neat package of celebration and I can’t wait!

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