Friday, April 25th, 2014

New product alert! Level entry shower system

VIM Products - level entry shower system

From VIM Products, Inc.

I can NOT wait to use this product in a master bath I’m designing for some folks! Up until now, everyone has told me:

  • “You have to have 2″ difference in elevation to slope a shower floor to drain correctly.”
  • “You can’t have a curbless shower without modifying joists or lowering the floor slab.”

The above statements are now FALSE I am happy to report.

Back in the day when I was doing commercial building design, we would specify as little as 1/8″ per foot slope toward the roof drains. If that is sufficient for a roof, why in the world would you need 16 times that amount for a shower floor?  You don’t.

3/4″ is all you need

Which is great, because that’s the thickness of most subfloor material.  And unlike linear drains, cutting into multiple joists (when the span perpendicular to the shower floor) isn’t required to seat the drain cavity. Happily, we can still have a square ornamental drain plate cleverly disguising a conventional round drain fitting.

Level entry showers are great not only for accessibility, but also they’re just plain easier to walk in & out of. No curb to step over. Or trip over. Less material & labor to install, and it makes for a nice seamless appearance & transition from the rest of the bathroom.

Not to mention if you’re a klutzy idiot like me who regularly sprains ankles & endures the torture of crutches, it’s way easier to maneuver in & out of a shower that you don’t catch crutch tips on.

VIM Products will also be at the Coverings show, coming up next week in Vegas.

2 Responses to “New product alert! Level entry shower system”

  1. that does sound like a great idea, especially for older folks

  2. I have installed this system many times and it actually works really well. The pitch usually ends up being a total of 3/4+ the height of you underlayment which is usually 5/16 or 9/16. so the total slope ends up being closer to 1-1 1/4″ and the pan in 29″ from center of drain to end on the longest side so that gives you about 1/2″ pitch per foot which works very well. Just have to be very careful and make sure that you install the premade pan level in all directions which in some houses can prove challenging.

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