Friday, February 7th, 2014

Now offering Besh Cabinets

Cat = out of bag!

Out of the bag!

After almost 7 years of designing with Ikea kitchen cabinets, we are happy to announce that we’re now offering a new line of cabinets called Besh!

Besh: The deets!

Besh is made in the US and is fabricated locally to each project site. It’s got a combined core plywood construction for the boxes themselves. That gives it the structural heft for support & reliable bite for hardware, while having the uber smooth skin ideal for both painting and veneers.

Besh is truly modular in design based on 3″ increments. No more random skipping of sizes in the lineup! That means we can maximize available space you have for storage, not fillers, and without modifying stock components!

Besh: Modern cabinets for work and play

Swappable Fronts!

Besh utilizes genuine, robust hardware from Blum and Hafele, and get this:  it has a SWAPPABLE FRONT system option!! This is huge! Up until now, you could change all kinds of things in the room: paint, wallpaper, plumbing & lighting fixtures, & wall decor. With Besh, you can now change out the door & drawer fronts easily, because it’s modular!

So let’s say next fall, you know winter’s coming, right? You can swap in some bright gloss doors to keep it cheery on those short gloomy days. Or, if you get the dream job on the west coast & suddenly have to sell, the cabinet fronts are now fair game for staging. So if you like those high gloss Back the Pack red doors, but a potential buyer doesn’t, swap in some neutrals.

The greenest strategy of all: use as little as possible

Everyone knows a kitchen sells a house. Now we can change the looks without yanking out the whole carcass. And all of it can stay out of the landfill. Win-win-win.

We are super excited to be able to offer another option to folks who are fans of modern at a modest price point! For now, Ecomod is the official US Besh dealer.

We’d be remiss not to let folks know that we know Besh inside & out, because we created it. And we’ll continue to improve and innovate it: we see it as a living system. Something indeed you’ll be proud to use daily and keep our collective footprint as light as possible.

Go check it out!

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  1. So, so, so very excited to see this announcement! I know it’s been a long time coming. The website is awesome! Wishing you much success with this new endeavour!

  2. Thanks! We’re bouncing off the walls around here. :)

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