Friday, November 30th, 2012

Move over, sliced bread.

Toeductor kitRepeat after me: Toeductor

That’s right, kids. This gizmo is a time AND money saver when it comes to moving air from a duct that’s less than ideally located under the cabinet, out into the room.

Inventions that come from people who’ve been in the trenches & have a good idea to make things better, easier and smarter are the best ones. The Toeductor definitely qualifies for those glowing adjectives, & Jim Buchanan has improved our kitchen installations by creating this thing & getting it out there.

Toeductor - made in the USA

Look at this thing – it’s

  1. compact – it fits perfectly under 4″ cavity below a cabinet
  2. flexible – you don’t have to change the orientation of the original duct hole
  3. sealed, so the air it channels gets to where you are paying for it to go: where you feel it
  4. a good step toward mold prevention and a happier HVAC system (5% duct pressure improvement!)
  5. cheaper and faster than having the mechanical guy fabricate a custom boot from scratch

Did I SAY it was pretty? No. I’m saying it’s awesome. So awesome that we’re installing one in our 3rd project. Fellow builder brethren, I’m telling you that you’ll love this thing.

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