Thursday, August 25th, 2011

What it’s like to work with EcoMod

We’ve got your back

Some people have a good idea of how they want their kitchen remodel to go. They might have a certain color they want to use, or maybe a specific storage requirement. We’ve actually designed kitchens to accommodate freestanding work tables near & dear to the heart.

At the same time, they need guidance on things they may not know about, like

  • code requirements, e.g. GFCI outlet locations
  • microwave placement (over-the-range is the least ideal spot, both utility wise and reducing the lifespan of the microwave when mounted over a heat source)
  • clearances of doors & drawers, or circulation issues

From the horse’s mouth

Here’s what some of our past clients have said about us:

“I appreciate that Becky gave us independence in selecting materials, but was available with suggestions if we asked.” -RB, relocated from NYC to Durham NC

“She truly listens, has excellent vision, great follow-up and a great sense of humor. Total pro. The plans were great. She patiently and clearly answered a bunch of newbie questions while we were doing the build work ourselves. The end result is a kitchen that we use and enjoy 100x more than before.” -EH Kansas City

“Her input was honest and she answered every concern I had, even if it was a ridiculous concern, she even custom made a built in shelf for my dog bowls!” -JW, Raleigh NC

It’s all about realism & the fun of the ride

“Like any major project, there were small bumps in the road, but the team had a great attitude and addressed any issues.” -RB, NYC

More testimonials here!

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