Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Backsplash decision time

16 months

We finished our own kitchen remodel over a year ago. At the time I was indecisive about our backsplash tile, so we painted semi gloss for ease of cleaning until we could figure out what we wanted.

Ecomod's kitchen needs a backsplash

It’s getting to the point that we need to put something more durable than paint on our backsplash.  Since glass shards, wires & metal shavings are less than an ideal choice, here’s some ideas I’ve collected.

Option 1

I love the variation in tile size with this one. We have some strong colors already in our kitchen, so I was thinking about using white or clear glass with this pattern.

Eichler kitchen remodel contemporary kitchen

Option 2

The texture on this one grabs me. It’s a single color, but a complex pattern. And probably a gazillion dollars.

Mizuki in Cerused Grey modern kitchen

Option 3

Then there is the tried & true: white subway tile.
white subway tile backsplash

What think ye, O Wise Kitchen Design Comrades? I’m leaning toward the garden variety subway tile in a stacked not staggered pattern, but would love other thoughts & ideas.

** Caveat: paint colors can change but it’s a BIG job!

7 Responses to “Backsplash decision time”

  1. Go all out! (option 1)

    Looks great!

  2. Option 2 could be a nice texture contrast

  3. I like Option 1 in a single color. Would you go frosted or glossy? How about using a monolithic slab of your countertop material to go up the wall?

  4. LOL @ Nick! You’re so bold!!

    Jeremy – yes the texture is enticing, isn’t it?

    Good question Tammy – I think I’d go with glossy. The more I think about it the more I come back to Option 1! Should it be all white or should it have a mix of white & clear?

  5. Option 1 could be hot! I’m not usually a big fan of mixing materials in a backsplash but if it’s all one color I think it’ll look saucy! You’ll get the uniform color but still a lot of different “textures” – ya know?!

    But option 2 is real purty too…. ; )

  6. I like option 1 in one colour. I think option 2 would be a pain to clean. And while I love subway tile, everybody does it. Just my 2 cents :)

  7. Option #3 is nice. I like the clean look especially since as you mentioned you already have some strong colors throughout the design.

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