Monday, September 20th, 2010

The Kitchen is the New Family Room

pooch in the kitchen

Family Includes the 4 leggers

Anyone who shares their home with a dog knows that wherever they are, so are the tail waggers.  Especially if it’s in the kitchen. (What dog doesn’t like food?)

But a dog or cat in the kitchen can also get underfoot easily. We’ve had many a screeching cat from stepping on a tail.

The way to keep creatures out of the way, but still in the room is to give them a comfortable hangout. It avoids spillage while tripping over them plopped down in what they think is a good spot.

NEWSFLASH: Compromise is possible!

How about designing a nook for a dog or cat within the kitchen space?  Humans & pets can coexist without inconvenience to either. An out of the way place for a bed, and an area just for them to eat & drink can make everyone happy.

It’s no secret that dogs especially love cave-like dens.  Most crate trained dogs prefer to continue sleeping in them even when the door is left open.

These guys have king’s quarters: plush bed, secure box, food,  toys & water.  All in a spot that they know is theirs. The envy of a street dog, for sure!

Out of the way, but still in the action. Perfect.

dog bed base cabinet kitchen dog bed dedicated dog drawer

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  1. Hi Becky – great post! I like to design in a spot for the water-dish too – I’ve had the experience of putting my foot in it just when I’m busiest once too often!

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