Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Escape Pod: BlogOff #4

Spruce trees

Where’s my Slice of heaven? Perfect Place?

In my list, a recurring theme was nature. It’s relaxing, inspiring, amazing, & the best design model there is! Everywhere I look in the woods is life & efficient design – there is no waste in nature.

There are also no re-runs in nature: I had a top floor apartment for years, & I’d sit on the balcony every evening after work & watch the sky. Even if there were no clouds, there were jet contrails, birds & bugs.

The cool things about nature is that it is everywhere, whether I’m in Amsterdam, at the coast or home in Raleigh. We have hawks & snakes & raccoons & all kinds of spiders in town, too.

A Very Close Second Place

My happy place is making something. Anything:

  • a meal,
  • a travel itinerary,
  • a design concept,
  • a Halloween costume,
  • a piece of furniture.

Behold, yours truly (in a way too big apron) holding the frame for our modern farm table while my partner in crime welds.

modern farm table in the making

And about a billion other places

  • watching football with a cat in my lap,
  • chocolate,
  • live music,
  • parades
  • well worn pubs with wood tables, low ceilings, and regulars

I am a diamond: I have many facets.  :D For more interesting posts on this round of BlogOff, check out the Let’s BlogOff site:

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9 Responses to “Escape Pod: BlogOff #4”

  1. I remember when I was growing up in the very urban parts of St. Paul, in the back alleys between the garages were trees and bushes that not many people took the time to trim. There was this one driveway between two boarded-up garages that was overgrown with nature and if you crawled in, it would be a perfect little “room” just big enough for one and his bike.

  2. @dogwalkblog it was the predecessor to today’s man-cave! Ok, so ours is a woman cave. Same thing. But it really needs a SkeeBall machine. Or not. *sigh* life as an introvert, huh?

  3. I loved your list of places…but the one that really made me happy was…”Watching football with a cat in my lap” That is truly Heaven!

  4. Thanks Brian! One that I left off that I really really like is sitting at the counter/bar at a diner or pub. It’s like conversation there is fair game – & if you’re by yourself, it’s ok to sit quietly, too.

  5. Becky: I love it that you made your slice of heaven into things that you are doing, esp when you are making. that is heaven, agree. nothing makes me happier.

    however…. there has to be a catch, yes? maybe in my version of nature heaven, the spiders etc would get edited. heh. Imagine that, you found a cat that loves football – thought that was a dog kinda game. You have a miracle cat I think.

    Cindy @urbanverse

  6. Cindy – I do have a miracle cat! Excellent lap warmer, too. :)

    And you are a brave, brave woman for wanting to visit the space station.

  7. great list! As someone who has a cat curled up on their lap right now I can assure you it’s pretty heavenly. ; )

  8. I can dream big, yes?? wondering how many pennies they would want to take me up… hm.

    hold onto that fine football-diggin cat.

  9. Thanks for posting your blog on twitter #intdesignerchat can’t wait to follow

    My slice of heaven is sitting on the balcony at our florida apt watching the beach early in the morning or at dusk. Nothing is more peaceful. Everytime I have a very stressful day and can’t unwind I just thing of that…..
    When I look at your forest picture I can just feel the crispness of the air and the smell of the damp ground and trees!! Ahhh!!
    I also agree about making things, or cooking or anything else constructive…..I have a hard time just sitting still!

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