Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Tuesday #LetsBlogOff: Are college grads ready for the real world?

park rangerInteresting question.

So the average college graduate leaves the cocoon of campus with $23,000 of debt.  Ouch. Given the ridiculous amount of debt most people are in these days, I’d say they’re ready for the Real World. They’ll be chipping away at a debt mountain just like everyone else. Buy that grad a beer after work!

Real job?

Economic climate aside, let’s assume a job awaits with open arms for college grads.   I’d make a highly unscientific & unresearched guess that those grads who did hands on internships concurrent with their education would be well equipped for their Real World Job.

Narrowing down the menu

They could, in fact, take the internship concept to an extreme – especially if they’re undecided.  Take Sean Aiken, for example.  The one job he knew he *didn’t* want was a cog-on-the-wheel rat race sentence that he dreaded to wake up to daily.

That leaves about a billion other possible jobs that might be a good fit.  Sean’s approach was to hit one job per week. For a year. 52 jobs. That’s about 5 times more jobs than anyone else has in a lifetime.

But wait – there’s more! He did all 52 jobs for no financial reward. He had the employer donate all his earnings towards the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign.

The Search *is* the Job?

Now, maybe I’m thicker/less attentive than usual, but it’s unclear to me whether Sean actually settled on a job.  It appears he may have created a job for himself, simply being a job tester, for lack of a better title.

I have to give him credit for his entrepreneurial adaptiveness. He:

  • set out to see what was out there,
  • has parlayed the experience into an ongoing program for others to do,
  • is releasing his findings via film & a book

I’d say that in Sean’s case the question is not if he is ready for the Real World, but whether the Real World is ready for Sean.

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11 Responses to “Tuesday #LetsBlogOff: Are college grads ready for the real world?”

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  5. Oh, man I suffer from the “I want to do everything but I’ll never live that long” syndrome myself. I settled on the widest degree I could think of — English. I figured that would allow me to flex around any career I wanted. So far, I’ve been a cook, a baker, a lawn care guy, a writer, a newspaper publisher, a sales guy who sold exercise bikes to paralyzed people (true!), a journalist, a web designer and a village idiot. Some say I’m only at middle age, so who knows what more I could be doing! As long as I can learn, read and write the sky’s the limit.

    Not sure what I call this career I have and what I should tell people I do for a living. I’ve settled on “Professional Hobo.” It either stops or starts conversation quickly :-)

  6. Neat insight, Becky- Enjoyed it!

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  9. Becky: Sean spent a lifetime that year, what a peak experience. If you can afford it, that’s a brilliant option. The fellow that started Charity:Water had a similar story.

    I worry about that debt, its immoral, indefensible in my opinion. How can we shankle new grads with that burden? damage their entire chance at the American Dream. Glad you brought it up. My phd classmates had $60-70k debt when they graduate. maybe even more. we have to change that.

    Cindy @urbanverse

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