Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Why authenticity is the next trend in kitchen design

Soul searching, anyone?

In times of uncertainty & upheaval like these, our tendency is to seek stability wherever we can find it. Home is the ultimate sanctum for recovery & nourishment.

It’s also a place where we control our environment the most. We might not be able to do anything about the stock market, greedy corporations, or unemployment, but we can change what color our walls are, & make home a place that suits us to our liking.

weathered barn boards wilsonart - tan echo

Which one of the images above strikes you as more authentic?

>>

red colander

Trends perpetuate the generic & impersonal.

The other thing humanity is weary of is superficiality. Do as I say, not as I do. Bait & switch. He said, she said.

There is a real demand for the genuine and believable – in short, the authentic.   I meet with clients who are feeling their way through the kitchen design process, and encourage them to think about what they truly like & respond positively to.  Easier said than done, because what makes us comfortable becomes part of us & we can’t always see it consciously. It takes some work.

The easy way out is to copy trends, dated or otherwise:

  • granite countertops
  • stone-look tile
  • formal rooms that were popular in the 50’s 60’s 70’s
  • 4″ backsplashes

Newsflash: There ARE no Joneses, people.  Come on! Do you really want beige to be a primary color? Do you really want granite? Or do you want those things because so-and-so down the block has it? Or because the Resale Regimen dictates it (even though you have no plans to move)?

We have a new tagline.

In our effort to give people license to embrace their true tastes & life stories, we hereby unveil our new mantra:

Forget the Joneses. Make it *your* kitchen.

We make it easy to have the best of both worlds: you CAN go with orange sherbet cabinet doors if you love them.  You CAN create a niche for those beloved mixing bowls that have been in the family for generations. You CAN have a smaller fridge, or refrigerator drawers.

In short, you can’t go wrong with what you really love in a material, and in how you use your kitchen. THAT is authentic, and THAT is what matters.  Ironically, authenticity is increasingly also what sells.

Are you moving? No? Then be YOU.

Maybe that new job on the west coast means you can’t stay back east.  With your beloved orange sherbet cabinet doors.

Good news! We make it easy to swap out strong colored doors & drawer fronts for more neutral ones. On the flipside, if you move into a space that has nauseatingly beige cabinet doors, & you think stainless with glass inserts fits your style better, come see us.

Be true to yourself with your space. It is the first design law.

7 Responses to “Why authenticity is the next trend in kitchen design”

  1. Excellent premise and great post! yes, out with the copy cats and hoorah for originality! Now, if I can just get my clients to believe it…I work ’em hard though and eventually they come around to being authentic…or, is it that they just give in to my overwhelmingly strong personality? Hmmmmm

  2. Nah, ya just show ’em the light!

    Yeah this post is typical mashup of my psych degree + design background.

    Hey I added you to my kitchenator blogroll!

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  4. Yeah! I really liked this post because at the very root of it (at least for me) is that people should design something authentic. I believe that if you can maintain the vision, regardless if it’s trendy or not, it will come across to others as complete and well thought out.


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  6. Interesting perspective-how does the designer overcome it when the clients *say* they want authenticity and originality but want it to look just like everyone else’s?



  7. Good question, Jess. If beige & granite is what people truly want, that’s what they get. But for those who really just need encouragement to be themselves, I’ll challenge them on it if it feels like they’re holding back.

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