What We Do

We design modern urban kitchens. We serve the individual homeowner, designers & architects , and builder & developer markets.

We're equally passionate about design that works well and responsible living.

Design that works well is easy to use & does what you need it to do. It should also look great & be durable without breaking the bank.

Responsible living means minimizing our footprint on our surroundings by eating locally, growing our own, & restoring and celebrating our connections to nature from inside our house.

The kitchen is where all that comes together.


"We needed our cabinetry redesigned to better work within the flow of our ICU area. Eco-modernism came in,  observed work flow, designed inserts for our cabinetry, then mapped & placed all the contents for easy access. She was there full time during implementation to ensure rapid, efficient & noninvasive work in one of the busiest areas of our animal hospital." -L.E.

Cary, NC
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