What We Do

We design modern urban kitchens. We serve the individual homeowner, designers & architects , and builder & developer markets.

We're equally passionate about design that works well and responsible living.

Design that works well is easy to use & does what you need it to do. It should also look great & be durable without breaking the bank.

Responsible living means minimizing our footprint on our surroundings by eating locally, growing our own, & restoring and celebrating our connections to nature from inside our house.

The kitchen is where all that comes together.


The kitchen is beautiful! Wow. So many great things about it. Thanks, Becky, for the great design, especially the brilliant move of the fridge to the pantry. That along with the extra space inside the peninsula has magically transformed our kitchen from little to big! I love the garage doors, the cabinet wood, the style, the finish, the nifty drawer and door closers. Several meals into this now, I can report that it is worlds more fun to cook in. -D.M.

(cabinetry: Besh)

Raleigh, NC
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