What We Do

We design modern urban kitchens. We serve the individual homeowner, multi-unit , and small office space markets.

We're equally passionate about design that works well and responsible living.

Design that works well is easy to use & does what you need it to do. It should also look great & be durable without breaking the bank.

Responsible living means minimizing our footprint on our surroundings by eating locally, growing our own, & restoring and celebrating our connections to nature from inside our house.

The kitchen is where all that comes together.


"Working with a design we already made, Becky refined our plans for an Ikea kitchen, coming up with a great place for the mobile island. She coordinated the order, picked up (multiple times) items that were store-only, and did the installation with her carpenter. They made 3 sets of shelves, and provided some custom details." - Mary W., Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC
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